2015 Season Kickoff

So the 2015 Season has begun! We have 6 weeks from today to get a robot out to compete in the game Recycle Rush. Check out here for the game info and make sure to read the game manual. If you missed the kickoff stream you can also watch it below.

May 27th Email Blast

We went to the Museum of Discovery and Science last weekend and showcased our robot with the Ninjaneers, team number 2383, and had a blast! It would have been nicer to have more team members attend, but that was a mistake on my part for not advertising it properly....


I’m very excited to welcome the 40-something people who came to the meeting today to this email list! Now we’ll all be able to make friends and get along, right? Anyways, there’s a few things I mentioned at the meeting and in the auditorium that I...
2 more days!

2 more days!

The “Heisenborg I” has been coming together very well. The robot is catching and shooting successfully. Pneumatics are fully functional!