Our parents will want to see us at the house more. Too bad.

Now that kickoff is literally around the corner, we have a lot of work to do. There will be a meeting on Saturday, December 28, at my house. At this meeting, we will go over everything that needs to be done pre-kickoff, as well as assigning roles on the team and talking about everything that needs to be planned out. One of our mentors, Howard Adkin, will be attending this meeting to explain to us exactly what needs to happen for us to be as successful as possible.

Everyone who wishes to be involved with the team is required to come this Saturday and next Saturday.

The NASA entrance survey MUST be completed by January 4th for us to keep our grant. All team members are required to complete this. At this weekend’s meeting, we will be allowing people to do that and expedite the process. The survey is located here if you would like to finish it early.

I do not have access to the list of people whose parents have completed the consent forms, but it is extremely important that everyone fill those out because if they are not completed, you will not be able to participate in the competition.

Kickoff will take place at my house on Saturday, January 4th, 2014. It is imperative that everyone on the team attend kickoff because we need to brainstorm and work together. This can’t happen with 5 people, it needs to happen with as many as possible.


Jake Schlinkmann