We went to the Museum of Discovery and Science last weekend and showcased our robot with the Ninjaneers, team number 2383, and had a blast! It would have been nicer to have more team members attend, but that was a mistake on my part for not advertising it properly. Regardless, we want as many team members to come to off-season events, whether they be competitions or showcases, because you guys will get to see other teams’ robots, members, and other cool stuff!

We have some more events coming up!

  • FPL Robotics Showcase on Wednesday, June 25th, at their Jupiter West Facility
  • Panther Prowl on Saturday, September 20th, at the Florida Institute of Technology
  • Roboticon Tampa Bay on an unknown date

There are probably more events that we will be attending, but these are all we know of right now.

This email will also discuss the future of the team, and what will be happening over summer.

FPL Robotics Showcase

I don’t have a plethora of information about this event, besides a few emails between the coordinator and myself, but one thing is certain: we need a list of people coming in order to RSVP with them. FPL will be giving a tour of their facilities, and five other FRC teams are currently committed to going.

We will be demoing the robot, letting people drive, and talking about it. While we cannot bring the entire team, I encourage everyone who is interested in robotics to come. We have not figured out transportation yet, but that can be easily arranged once we have a definite number of people going.

Clicking the button under this paragraph will send you to a form. Please fill this out if you are coming, and indicate if you are bringing an adult or not. We need one for every person coming. I will close the form on June 3rd, so get it in quickly!


Panther Prowl and Roboticon

We don’t have very much information on both of these events. Panther Prowl has provided a date and registration page, but Roboticon has not. Since both events are so far away, we will discuss them in later emails.

To the future!

It’s quite saddening to leave this when it’s starting to get so much more fun. However, I’ll still be here over the summer and three hours away in college (starting in August) if anyone needs me!

I created a form that I would like everyone to fill out. It deals with commitment to the team and if you are a part of any other programs at school that could benefit the team (think DECA helping us market and raise money) or hurt your participation (being in track and unable to come to events / meetings).


That’s all for now! Currently I’m working with Mr. Krar to get the school more involved with robotics so they can provide a bit more for us.

Until the next email,
Jake Schlinkmann