Week 3

A quest to the halfway mark.

As most of you have seen by now, the kicker idea is quite successful. Instead of our lame original ideas of a puncher or thrower, the kicker has proven to be the most powerful and easy to use out of all three. The key members and mentors of the build team have decided to get the kicker prototype in motion and on its way to success.

Speaking of success, we were quite successful (however, an important piece broke that we need to replace) with replacing the previous cylinder for a 2″ bore one with less travel. The ball went further, faster, and higher. Now we need to be working on making a ramp sort of device for the ball itself, since that’s what is impeding our accuracy.

Some of you guys worked on the driver station on Saturday and we need to get that finished quickly so we can begin practicing to drive with the robot. All that has to be done is to spray the “B” on the back and touch it up, attach the joysticks and laptop via special velcro, and mount the loom tubing for cable management. We would like some people to come over during the week to do this. If you are able, please contact me, Zach, Bryan, or any one of the mentors to let us know how we can work around your plans.

Last night we finished making a prototype high goal thing. It’s the correct height but not as wide. That won’t really be a problem, though. We can use this later for testing the robot with the shooter, as well as testing the shooter itself.

As always, let us know what you’re doing during the week because there’s a lot that we need to get done, This is a countdown timer that I just made.