I’m very excited to welcome the 40-something people who came to the meeting today to this email list! Now we’ll all be able to make friends and get along, right? Anyways, there’s a few things I mentioned at the meeting and in the auditorium that I want to stress:

  • Commitment is important. You guys will see just how stressing (and fun!) it is to do everything in six weeks’ time.
  • We will be building the robot in Mr. Tracey’s room, 506, instead of at my house like we did last season.
  • We are attending hopefully two, if not one, off-season event(s) and we want everyone to come, but we’ll talk about that when they get closer.
  • Workshops will be hosted over the summer and into next school year to educate all of you guys about different parts of building robots.

I honestly did not expect a ton of people to show up. The team can’t be super massive, of course, because there’s a limit to our productivity with the more people we have, but wow… just wow. This makes me super happy and it should make all of you guys super happy, too!

Even though we do not have dates yet, here is the what our workshops will teach over the summer and through the beginning of next school year:

  • Machining
  • Automation (electronics and pneumatics)
  • Design
  • Programming

That seems like a lot, but it’s really not. Most of this stuff can be covered together since they all intertwine. I’ll update everyone with more information as we decide on dates and times.. all that good stuff.

Let’s get the ball rolling and get you all excited about robotics. I told a few people about a really cool robot design. Well, here’s the video:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFZy8iibMD0

They’re actually really cool to talk to! I spent some time looking at their robot and they use a flywheel to pinch the bottom of the ball and launch it, which I haven’t seen any other teams do.

Spend some time looking around YouTube and the interwebs for videos about FRC and FIRST. I bet you’ll find some really awesome stuff very quickly.

That’s all I have for now! Be sure to stay tuned for more information about the team. I will be giving everyone’s contact information out in the next email, as well as ways to get more information about the team.

Jake Schlinkmann